FoM Twisted Fairytales Event And Hunt!

We love fairytales, but we love the twisted ones even more! June 1st through 30th Fall of Man will be hosting Twisted Fairytales! This will be an event and hunt. All items are 69L or less and a teleporter to explore and find great prizes in a hunt! This hunt and event is Adult on Adult land, so please no child avis. Some vendors are still setting up for event so please pardon the mess for the first few days and be sure to check back!


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  1. Timeless Textures-Event AND Hunt
  2. Black Rose Designs-Event AND Hunt
  3. Inevitable Madness-Event AND Hunt       Hunt Hint: I remember leaving my book somewhere, but I can’t remember where. Maybe I could ask these two.
  4. Game Over-Event AND Hunt
  5. Ripley Bay Tattoos-Event AND Hunt   Hunt Hint:The Belle of the Ball needs a little music 
  6. ~*Sweet Revolutions*~-Event AND Hunt
  7. COVETED!-Event AND Hunt
  8. Syren’s Song-Event AND Hunt   Hunt Hint:Careful… if you take one of the apples you may end up like Snow…
  9. GypyRose Designs.-Hunt        Hunt Hint:The roots are a backrest with bark rough against skin.
    The branches hang down hiding what beneath in a green den.
    Flowers at the feet the book is yours to read.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Hunt Hint:Gypsy rose with blood red bloom nods a sleepy head.
    Goodnight my friendly rock thank you for the shelter indeed!
    Sleeping well tonight with precious book I keep.
  10. Crafty Demon Dwellings-Event AND Hunt
  11. Elgund & Nilsson-Event AND Hunt      Hunt Hint:While waiting for my prince to rescue me, I will read a nice book                       Hint 2:Too late Hänsel and Gretel….  
  12. Posh Couture-Event AND Hunt
  13. K.k inc.-Event AND Hunt      Hunt Hint:whos that trip trapping over my bridge” shouted the troll  
  14. Snowfall Sinsations-Event AND Hunt         Hunt Hint:Her Ruby Slippers will show you the way.   Items for sale!
  15. Epicine-Event

4 thoughts on “FoM Twisted Fairytales Event And Hunt!

    1. You don’t need to SPAM with THREE separate posts under two different emails.

      We have the Event items in the streets, so as you walk around looking at these wonders items for sale (only 69$L) you will be able to walk to the left of main stores there (Syren’s Song) and then turn right and there is the HUGE HUNT sign and then the TPer to take you up to it.

      Hope that helps 🙂

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