Dark Wonderland Hunt

Fall of Man will be presenting the Dark Wonderland hunt April 1st through 30th! Come on in and take a trip down the rabbit hole to wander a sim wide dark Wonderland forest. We have several gifts there for everyone as well as lots to explore and try out! Take pictures, find gifts and have fun! Here is your taxi!!  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GEL%20Respect/176/193/2
Blessed Be,
Syren Nightfire

xxsyrenxx resident


Current Stores Participating!

1.Syren’s Song 4 items hidden Hint 1: Love the view of the clouds from this shroom… Better get me before the gecko does!   Hint 2: The Roses think I look tasty!!!!  Hint 3: A seat fit for a queen!… of Hearts that is..   Hint 4: Let’s just call a spade a spade, shall we?

2.Verocity  Hint: A Cupcake fits right in with its friends!

3.Get Frocked   Hint: Time for Tea or a Game of Cards ?

4.Dixie Designs 3 items hidden  Hint 1: Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!  Hint 2: Your just a bunch of playing cards!   Hint 3: Care for a spot of tea?

5.~*Sweet Revolutions*~

6.God Mod  Hint: It’s a tight squeeze, in fact, there’s not mush room here

7.Limehouse  Hint: Where the roses are painted red, there you’ll find my heart

8.To The Moon And Back Hint: Im a little teapot short and stout

9.Snowfall Sinsations 2 items hidden. Hint 1st gift:Even catapillars get the munchies…   Hint 2nd gift: tea party

10.:: FANGIRL :: Hint: Let me pour you a large cup of tea

11.Dark Inc. Hint: Adult and the clue is: One lump or Two?

12.COVETED! Hint: Beneath blue leaves I lay, watching the cute bunny!

13.DoggMata Designs   Hint:  A nice cup of tea before your chess match?

14.Crafty Demon Dwellings Hint: “I know something interesting is sure to happen whenever I eat or drink anything; so I’ll just see what this bottle does.”

15.Shutter 4 items hidden Hint 1: A house, as does mankind, has many stories.  Hint 2: You’ll find the lot, near a steaming teapot  Hint 3: He’s late, but he’s got time to help you.  Hint 4: It’s high time for a tea party!

16.Candy’s Designs hint: I am cute, you can hold me, but i could topple on top of you if not careful!

17.Midnight Tears  Hint: I do so enjoy watching a good game of chess!

18. Prims Boutique 2 items hidden  Hint 1: Hi Put My Cupcake in the Tree Trunk, Hint am in a dark hole   Hint 2: second one. hint a Red Red Rose I stand Alone

19.Moonlitecat Creations  Hint: Yummy treat to be found on a high perch

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