Role Play at Fall of Man

All species are welcome to roleplay at Fall of Man. We do not ban based on your character. Now, if you are a child avi or roleplay a child, you will be asked to put on an adult avi and not rp a child here. If we are ignored or gotten beligerant with, it is an auto kick and ban. I am sorry, but it is Adult Land and our rules as we have a lot of adult situations and per the Lindens I have personally spoke with, this is the best practice. So if you rp a fairy, or dwarf, or even wear a kemono, you are welcome here, but please look adult. Simply all we ask. We know humans and fantasy creatures come in all shapes and sizes and we welcome them all.

The basis of the rp is as follows:

They say the world has fallen. It is the end times. It has ‘moved on’.

Whatever the story is, Mankind is not the Dominant Species anymore. Demons, Beasts, Spirits, Ferals, Furries, whatever they may be called or call themselves are now among Mankind, and they all have the same goals.; to seduce you into your deepest darkest desires, corrupt your perversions and needs, then embrace your debauchery. at all levels.

The ruins of Mankind litter the land, the signs of their dominance now remnants of a past few can speak about or more than guess. These have also become the tools to create crude new settlements and buildings, or more ways to torture, corrupt, or embrace the most sinful of needs. Strewn above and below and far across, these are the tools of all residents, guests, visitors, or trapped victim.

(References: I am Legend, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Dark Tower series, etc.)

While we do Mod the land from time to time, the goals still stay the same, so please keep exploring and enjoy the many things we have to have a fulfilling time. It is ONLY limited by your creativity, you are the key to making the experience not the ‘pose balls’ or such. With that thought, please do NOT be put off with a menu item that may NOT be to your kink, TRY the positions and see if you can work it into your ERP, you never know what your creative mind may come up with.


So with that the land and rp can have elements that are rustic or modern, a mix. So can your rp! So enjoy it and use your imagination and have fun!

Here is a taxi 





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